Indigo Arts Collective

Indigo Arts Collective is a new theatre company dedicated to creating performance work at the intersection of art, scholarship and activism, in response to and in conversation with, current events. 

Indigo Arts developed out of my desire to create my own process of investigative theatre making by distilling research and real events into compelling narratives with a message for the present. 

‘By the Light of the Moon’ successfully achieves what this new theatre company set out to do, piecing together research from the past to speak to modern day audiences. A fairy tale lexicon mixed with nursery rhymes meets with unbearable reality. The contrast is stark; the injustice laid bare for all to see."

                                                                                          -Amy Faulkner, Spy in the Stalls 

By the Light of the Moon

A new one act play by Shea Donovan

Recently performed at:

New York, New York
London, England
Los Angeles, California


We find Lila, a young British woman, alone in a hospital for the criminally insane in 1928. Abandoned by her family, society, and her only friend in the asylum, she is forced to face her deepest secrets and the dark reality of the events leading up to her imprisonment. 

2019 Summer Tour Publicity Trailer 


Production Stills

"Confronting her circumstances with levity, innocence, and a strong sense of denial, Lila takes us on a journey full of playful poetry and vivid trauma until she's forced to confront the reality of her fate."

'Shea Donovan is superb as a 1920s innocent, wonderfully frank and observant...Her masterful portrayal is raw."

"Painfully present in every moment, performer and writer Shea Donovan perfectly takes us through the mind bend of Lila."

"Deeply moving...Donovan is absolutely captivating through the innocence of silly poems, chores and intimate conversations."

"Shea Donovan brought us on a journey from lights up to lights down – we were all enthralled in this unique and heart wrenching story."

"A beautiful piece of theater, crafted with care and executed with great talent."

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