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How we got here and why we do it

A Message from Artistic Director, Shea Donovan 

Indigo Arts Collective was born out of a desire to refine my own creative methodology and develop a space to play freely with a variety of ideas and artistic disciplines. I was interested in distilling research and real events into compelling performance narratives, and wanted an umbrella under which I could produce and collaborate with other artists.


I have always been captivated by "the other sides" to well known stories and the testimonies of those who have existed on this "other side." Much of the work I make aims to explore this other perspective and bring untold stories to light, with a message for the present.  I have a particular interest in exploring historical events through a feminist lens and creating work that gives a voice to those who were unable to speak in their time. I'm currently focussing on stories that explore themes of mental health, victimhood, institutional oppression and Diasporic identity. 


I also believe deeply in the power of community and the catharsis of coming together in real time to communicate a shared experience. I am interested in creating work that combines personal accounts and community generated content to allow real people to share their stories, past and present, here and now.  My devised community work offers participants resources and workshops to generate their own material around a fixed framework, and focusses on empowering participants to voice their stories on their terms. 


With a background in acting, dance and music, I am a lover of the interdisciplinary and draw on a variety of styles and influences to create my work.

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