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Are you an actor looking to create your own content? An artist looking to transition from performer to practitioner? A dancer looking to develop your choreographic practice? An emerging company wanting to refine your methodology? A creative person with an idea you'd like to turn into reality?

We're here for you! 

Here's what we can do for you, your project or company:

  • help you identity and refine your creative goals

  • help you identify your unique selling point

  •  provide you with tools and exercises for idea generation

  • help you prepare work for festival submissions

  • help you develop mission statements, press releases, and other written content 

  • support the evaluation and redesign of existing work 

Need something else?

Ask us anything and if we can't help we'll point you in the direction of someone who can. 

E-mail us at with the subject line Workshop for more information.

creative ideation & Methodology Developm

Interested in learning a bit more about Shea?


Watch this interview with Car Crash Productions as part of their "Virtual Pending" Festival 

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